Chef Leslie Frankel-Avila and her husband James have recently moved to Chestnut Hill from Maui, Hawaii where they owned and operated the Pukalani Club House on the slopes of Haleakala volcano for 8 years. Cooking and eating together is incredibly important in Hawaii. It brings many cultures together to share their history through food. It is typical for a gathering to be “potluck” and share cuisines from around the world, such as; Hawaii, Korea, Japan, France, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and the U.S., all well represented. This sense of community is the spirit of ALOHA; the spirit of friendship and sharing with another and the community. We look forward to share our Aloha with our new friends and community of Chestnut Hill. Aloha Chestnut Hill...
Directions In Chestnut Hill at 8630 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. 19118 Phone (215) 842-5111 - Email

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